I started this blog to save my other blog.

In January 2007, I launched the Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog which comments on health care reform from “one agent’s perspective” — I’ve been a licensed health insurance agent since 1983. Given it’s title, it’s not surprising that this blog focused on health care reform with a special focus on California, where I live and work.

As the presidential nomination process heated up, I started writing about the candidate’s positions on health care reform. This evolved into posts about the campaign and, before long, I was writing about election results and other “off topic” items.

So to allow the Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog to focus on heath care reform, I created the Alan Katz Politics Blog to focus on … wait for it … politics. This will spare readers of the former from having to put up with my ranting on the the latter. Of course, when a post covers politics and health care reform, I’ll

This being America, there’s no qualifications required to have opinions about politics. If there were, I wouldn’t be totally without some credibility — maybe. For example, I’ve worked in a number of campaigns. Some notable (Deputy Campaign Director for Tom Bradley for Governor in 1982), a few successful, most not. Full disclosure: all were for Democrats (although some were officially non-partisan campaigns).

I’ve served in government, both as Chief of Staff to Lieutenant Governor Leo McCarthy and as a member of the Santa Monica City Council. I’ve been a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs and held leadership positions in community groups like the American Jewish Congress and the Westside (of Los Angeles) Fair Housing Council.

Professionally I’ve been an investigating attorney with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, a licensed health insurance agent since 1983, and an executive at WellPoint, the nation’s largest commercial managed care company.

As president of both the California Association of Health Underwriters and the National Association of Health Underwriters (the leading trade associations for health insurance agents and other professionals) I’ve helped lead their legislative efforts over the years, including testifying before the state legislature and Congress.

Does any of this make the opinions expressed here meaningful? No. But it does get them off the pages of the health care reform blog.

January 11, 2008





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