Palin: Ready on Day Two?

Some random questions about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

  1. Would Governor Palin be ready on Day Two?
  2. If Senator John McCain would select someone as conservative as Governor Palin to be Vice President, what kind of conservative is he likely to choose for the Supreme Court?
  3. Senator McCain has said that military experience is critical for a president. Governor Palin has none, so is military experience no longer necessary?
  4. Before becoming Governor, Sarah Palin was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. The population has mushroomed of late, from about 6,500 to around 9.000 or so. In most small towns the mayor is simply the person who chairs the meeting, but is pretty much a first-among-equals with the council members. A city manager often serves as the chief operating officer. What was her role as Mayor? And given the difference between the federal bureaucracy and Wasilla’s, does it matter?
  5. The GOP claims Sarah Palin’s 20 months as Governor of Alaska gives her “executive experience” beyond that of any of the other candidates. Given that Alaska is the roughly the size of Memphis, Tennessee, does that mean any mayor of a city with a population of 690,000 or so is qualified to be president of the United States?
  6. Why are Republican operatives so afraid of answering the question, “Is Governor Palin qualified to be president of the United States?” When asked, they always change the subject. I’ve not heard one give a direct “yes” or “no” answer.
  7. It’s March 2009. Russia invades the Ukraine. President McCain calls in his closest foreign policy advisers to discuss a United States response. Does anyone really believe Vice President Palin would be in the room?
  8. If Vice President Palin disagrees with Senator McCain on an issue, will he really care?
  9. If Governor Palin’s lacks the experience to be president, does Senator Barack Obama? After all, he only  has three years in the United States Senate and seven years in the Illinois State Senate.
  10. Does #7 mean there’s more to being president than holding public office — and if so, does Governor Palin possess it?
  11. Does Senator McCain really believe that Governor Palin is the second best Republican in the country to be president?
  12. If Senator McCain wanted a woman on the ticket, what made Governor Palin a better choice than former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Senator Susan Collins, Senator Olympia Snowe, Senator Elizabeth Dole or Governor Jodi Rell?
  13. Will Senator McCain continue to attack Senator Obama for lacking the necessary experience to be president now that he’s selected someone with even less experience to be the president-in-waiting?
  14. Will women vote for Governor Palin because she’s a woman if they disagree with her on abortion, the threat of global warming, teaching creationism as a valid alternative to evolution?
  15. In other words, when casting their ballots, does it matter to women what a woman thinks or merely that she is a woman?
  16. What’s wrong with the P.U.M.A.? I saw one of their spokespersons on television who said Democratic women would abandon the party because of Governor Palin being on the GOP ticket. Apparently they don’t care about policy or Supreme Court appointments. Their level of anger is reaching clinical proportions — hopefully they’ll get help soon.
  17. Governor Palin is a proven fighter for higher ethics in government, yet she’s under investigation for abuse of her powers in Alaska. During the investigation a tape of one of her aides pressuring an agency head to fire her ex-brother-in-law came to light. Has she fired that aide — and if not, why not?
  18. Republicans claim that Governor Palin’s approval rating of 80+ percent is part of what makes her qualified to be Vice President (and, by extension, President). When that approval rating tumbles, as it surely will over the next two months, will that make her less qualified?
  19. Does Senator McCain really want to be president? Because based on his first “presidential decision” — the selection of Governor Palin to be his running mate — it sure doesn’t look that way.

These are just some of the questions the annointment of Governor Sarah Palin brings to mind. What are yours?

Note: I’ll add additional questions, as they come up, here:

  1. Cindy McCain told ABC, in response to Governor Palin’s foreign policy credentials, “Alaska is the closest part of our continent to Russia.  So, it’s not as if she doesn’t understand what’s at stake here.” And it is true that in her 20 months as commander-in-chief of the Alaskan National Guard she has kept the Russian hordes in Siberia at bay. But is the GOP really reduced to spinning Alaska’s proximity to Russia as proof of Governor Palin’s foreign policy credentials? If so, how sad.
  2. What would be wrong with some straight talk by Senator McCain in which he admits she’s not qualified yet, but promises she will be soon? You have to admit it would be refreshingly honest.
  3. A staffer at Focus on the Family urged Christians to pray for rain last Thursday during Senator Obama’s acceptance speech in Denver (the organization later retracted and apologized for the message). Is Gustav’s intrusion on the Republican convention a divine message — or is it just one of those coincidences that shows God’s indifference to who wins — and if not, does it show God’s sense of humor?

One Response to “Palin: Ready on Day Two?”

  1. Sam Smith Says:

    Questions for Sarah Palin:
    1. Where is your favorite salmon fishing spot?
    2. Do you have a good recipe for caribou stew?
    3. Is it true you have a quick temper?
    4. If so, do you have a steady trigger finger?
    That should keep her busy for her first press conference.

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