Governors Patrick’s and Schweitzer’s Overlooked Speeches

Brack Senator Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver tonight will rightly be long remembered and highly praised. It may have been the best speech of her career. The keynote address by former Virginia Governor Mark Warner was, while not as historic, also noteworthy and will only strengthen his standing in the Democratic party. Other blogs will no doubt dive deeply into those addresses.

Yet there were two other speeches in Denver tonight that deserved greater coverage and far more attention than they received. While the chattering heads on the all-news networks were complaining about the failure of convention to lay out the reasons why Senator Barack Obama should be elected president and why Senator John McCain shouldn’t be, they were ignoring two speeches that did just that. Two Governors — Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and Brian Schweitzer of Montana — eloquently made the case.

If the pundits had spent less time droning and more time listening they’d have heard the argument for Senator Obama articulately made by Governor Patrick. They’d have heard the skewering of the McCain campaign hypocrisies from Governor Schweitzer. Most significantly, had the networks given the speeches the attention they warranted, viewers would have a much clearer understanding of the difference between the presidential candidates.

(The video of Governor Patrick’s speech can be viewed here and the text here. The video of Governor Schweitzer’s speech can be viewed here and the text here (although fair warning: no written text can capture the unique delivery of Governor Schweitzer)). 

The speeches of Governor Patrick and Governor Schweitzer delivered the message the Democratic party needs voters to hear. Too bad the networks’ talkative journalists were too busy listening to themselves to hear it.

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