Will Reverend Wright Destroy the Obama Campaign?

Senator Barack Obama repudiated his pastor today. In a press conference that veered from the political to personal and back again, he expressed his disappointment, anger and outrage at Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s continued statements concerning the United States, race and other issues. Reverend Wright had spent the past few days at various events and holding press conferences of his own. While it initially appeared he might be toning down his rhetoric, that ended yesterday when he restated some of his more poisonous assertions.

The timing couldn’t have been worse. The Reverend Wright controversy arose weeks before the Pennsylvania primary. It would have been nice for the Obama campaign if it had peaked then allowing him to focus on other matters in the build-up to critical contests in Indiana and North Carolina next Tuesday. Instead, Reverend Wright brought the issue raging back to dominate the last few news cycles. Just in time to distract Senator Obama from applying the political focus he needs to on the nuts-and-bolts issues of importance in Indiana.

So instead of talking about trade and health care and jobs and fuel prices, Senator Obama is talking about race. Race is the last issue his candidacy — which is built in no small part on his transcending the issue — wants to put front-and-center.

The obvious irony here is that Reverend Wright may haved torpedoed the chances of America’s first black president more effectively than the combined might of the Republican Party and the supporters Senator Hillary Clinton. Both have played the so-called race card, but ineffectively. Senator Clinton’s campaign used the issue so ineptly it hurt her campaign and aided Senator Obama. But that’s yesterday. Now all Senator Clinton needs to do is sit back and let Reverend Wright do her dirty work.

Whether Reverend Wright swiftboats his parishiner will be determined by voters in Indiana. If Senator Obama won there he’d be all but certain of the Democratic nomination. Should he lose it Senator Clinton will be able to plausably claim only she can win in November. Prior to the latest Reverend Wright flare-up polls showed the race in Indiana a dead-heat. Those polls don’t mean much now. And more recent ones show Senator Clinton taking the lead.

Thanks to Reverend Wright it’s a new ballgame in Indiana — one that favors Senator Clinton.


3 Responses to “Will Reverend Wright Destroy the Obama Campaign?”

  1. Catherine S Says:

    No, Rev Wright will NOT destroy Barack’s campaign. The light always shines brighter than the dark.
    But it’s time that the media move on to more substantive issues that Americans want answers on such as gas prices and the mortgage crisis, as Michele Obama said so eloquently in an interview last night.
    Indiana, you hold the future in your hands! My hubby is from Indiana, and he’s voting Obama. My 80 year old mom in PA voted Obama–who says older white folks can’t think outside the box.
    Hillary is a proven liar (Bosnia), a shape-shifter (gun-totin’ hard liquor-guzzler when it’s trendy), she voted for the war and then shifted, she was pro-Nafta, she served on Walmart’s board and worked for the Black Panthers. I could go on ad nauseum…
    Speaking of nausea, I am a white woman and I think Hillary is an embarrassment to womankind. She makes me sick.
    GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are the man to bring this country back to its feet and move us in in a new, united direction. Enough of Bush/Clinton/Bush old school yadyadayada wackadoodle doo.
    Don’t believe the media hype. Parse out the truth for yourself. Think 1776. UNITED states.
    ***REPUBS, DEM and INDEPENDENTS ALL for Obama***
    Smell the future of new, clean, aromatic government brewing.
    Yes we can together.

  2. Matthew Says:


    How can a women trying to be president make you sick? She gets respect from me in the respect. You are clearly voting Obama, aren’t you? I too want to hear his opinion regarding “gas prices and the mortgage crisis, as Michele Obama said so eloquently in an interview last night”. I also believe the pastor is destroying his chances. The pastor is actually killing his chances. Obama has no chance to talk about those issues as long as some loud mouth douche keeps rambling on. The pastor clearly has different views then Obama. I think we could all agree on that. I can’t help but think lisnening to that pastor for all those years had some effect on Obama, some that he may not even know about. For people that don’t follow politics too closesly this kills the idea of voting for Obama. The first black president who was raised his entire life with a racist pastor. That just doesn’t sit well with some people. I hate to say it, but I think the DEMS are screwed on this one. McCain will take it with ease.

  3. Don Evans Says:

    Barak Obama could not make a decision about his relationship with his pastor until it became clear to the world that the pastor’s views were incendiary. If Senator Obama could not make a decision about his pastor until the damage was done (to his candidacy) then how can he be relied upon to make decisions that could affect the world?

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