Getting Candidates to Focus on Health Care Cost Containment

All the candidates want to fix America’s health care system. Yet the debate has been mostly about increasing access to treatment. On the Democratic side, whose plan will provide coverage to more of the country’s uninsured has dominated. That’s an important issue, but it’s only half of the equation. What’s as important is how to control skyrocketing medical costs. And that’s been too often ignored by the candidates and the media.

I found it amusing to watch a discussion on CNN in which the pundits lamented the failure of the candidates to address health care cost containment. Did they miss the irony? They’re CNN. They’re a news organization — or at least they are between all the commercials. Like their 24 hour news competitors they’re desperate for something to talk about. They’ve spent hours rehashing the same discussion about super delegates and who is failing to congratulate whom. If CNN wants the candidates to discuss constraining medical costs they have the power to make that conversation happen.

CNN is even hosting the next Democratic debate on February 21st. Maybe one of their pundits could ask a question or– or three — on cost containment? It couldn’t hurt.

There’s more on the need for candidates to address medical cost containment over on my health care reform blog. I hope you’ll take a look.

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