Clinton/Obama. Obama/Clinton. Who Besides CNN Cares?

At the end of Thursday night’s debate between Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked the candidates if they’d consider their opponent for the vice president’s slot on the ticket. It was a softball question, but an appropriate and fitting way to end an extremely most substantive debate. The Senators answered the question with predictable vagaries and refreshing humor. It was a feel-good moment, but in the context of the campaign, meaningless. Except, apparently to CNN.

To judge by their coverage Friday you’d think the question was the debate’s critical moment, a Pulitzer-worthy inquiry providing penetrating insight fraught with deep meaning and subtle nuances. So critical was the question that CNN sent an earnest reporter to ask earnest questions of politicians and pundits to further explore this critical element of the Democratic primary. The earnest report covered the earnest banalities of the answer thoroughly and, well, earnestly.

The fact is the nominee always considers selecting an opponent as a running mate. Sometimes they even do. Then again, they often don’t. This obvious reality seemed to be news only in the CNN studios.

Not that the network needs or wants it, but here’s my gratuitous advice to CNN: Instead of lingering on the night’s softball question, pursue stories exploring the substantive issues there wasn’t time to address during the debate.

  • How would the candidates approach the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?
  • How will they address the nation’s crumbling infrastructure?
  • What’s their plans to lift up America’s public school system?
  • Do they have a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees?
  • How will they tackle the problem of poverty in this country?
  • What’s do they think of the political situation in Russia?
  • Do they think the Federal Reserve is doing a good job?
  • Will they try to simplify the tax system?

Stories on topics like these not only take up just as much time between commercials as the self-congratulatory fluff pieces, but they have the added benefit of adding to the voters knowledge and understanding of the candidates. And isn’t that what America’s self-described “best political team” should be doing?


2 Responses to “Clinton/Obama. Obama/Clinton. Who Besides CNN Cares?”

  1. Mike Mathiesen Says:

    You’re right of course. Every four years we allow a few of our top lawyers to get up on their soap boxes and they PROMISE us EVERYTHING.

    When will the PEOPLE of this COUNTRY GET IT? The promises are never kept and can never be kept, because that would make the system unnecessary. They want us TO NEED THEM badly. So, they allow all our problems to LINGER and FESTER until they become CRISES. That’s how they manage us. They treat us like SHEEP.

    They want us to be so desperate that we will cry out for them every four years and they will deliver to us a SAVIOR.

    That’s their overrall plan. Think I’m crazy? Then, why have we not solve the ENERGY CRISIS in nearly 40 years? Why have we still allowed PRESIDENTS to declare war on countries that we know we can BULLY? Why do we still have NO NATIONAL HEALTH PLAN? Why have they allowed our JOBS to go OVERSEAS? Why do they still allow ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? They could have put up a wall, DECADES AGO. OH SURE, NOW, they’re talking about a wall. But, isn’t that like closing the barn door after the horse got out?

    That’s how they GOVERN, by closing the doors AFTER the HORSE is GONE. They rule by crisis after CRISIS. What is the NEXT CRISIS they have planned? Is it THERMONUCLEAR?



  2. Frank Tillery Says:

    Dream Ticket? I do not think so. After eight years as First Lady and being witness to Mr. Gore’s position (or lack thereof), it is unlikely that Mrs. Clinton would even consider being a Vice-President for anyone! Also, there is no way Mr. Obama would be the Vice-President to the co-presidency of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. Besides, does a co-presidency even have a president?


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