Statistical Ties Abound in Reader Presidential Survey

As before, the results were extremely close in the second Alan Katz Politics Blog Unscientific Presidential Survey. (Here’s a link to the results of the first survey).

Democrats: On the Democratic side, Senator Barack Obama finished first, but Senator Hillary Clinton was right behind him. In the first survey, they tied with identical vote totals. This time, it was a statistical tie, with Senator Obama slightly ahead in the raw vote. Former Senator John Edwards finished a distant third. When asked if they would be willing to support a GOP candidate in the general election, Democrats split with half the respondents mentioning Senator McCain and half claiming they wouldn’t vote for a Republican.

Republicans: There was quite a reshuffling of the results among Republican respondents. In the first survey, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani finished first, just ahead of Senator McCain who was followed closely by former Governor Mitt Romney. Former Governor Mike Huckabee was a distant fourth.

This time, Governor Romney finished first, but in a statistical tie with Senator McCain. Mayor Guiliania finished way back in third and Governor Huckabee trailed even further behind. When asked if they could support a Democrat in the general election, half the respondents answered no, but half said they could support Senator Obama.

Independents: Last time there was a fair number of independent voters participating in the survey and Senator Obama took first place. Not this time, and those that did vote must not realize that Mayor Giuliani is headed for the exit. He came in first, followed by Governor Romney. Go figure.

The Issues:Not surprisingly, when asked what were the two most important issues they would consider in supporting a candidate, the Economy was the runaway top response. And given the nature of the primary blog, Health Care Reform’s second place finished was to be expected as well.

Thanks to all who participated. I’ll wait for the dust to settle from Florida and then we’ll launch our third survey before Super Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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